Services at St Philip's

Currently, our Sunday services are at 10am and 5pm. Due to COVID-19, our regular 8am Sunday congregation is meeting on Tuesdays at 2pm. However, from Sunday 29th November, our 8am congregation will once again begin meeting on Sunday mornings. 

While each service is distinctive, they all share some things in common: we gather to give thanks to God, to pray for each other and our community, to hear God speak through the Bible, and to be inspired together to live for Christ in every area of our lives. Each service lasts for around 60 minutes. For more information about our Sunday services click here, and for more information about our Tuesday service click here.

Here at St Philip's, we gather together across 3 different services - Sundays at 10am & 5pm and Tuesdays at 2pm. Click on the times above to explore each service type.