South Africa - 

The Khlentzos Family

Darien and Vanessa work in partnership with George Whitfield College. They established CORE Training and Development to strengthen the Church in African nations that have significant pressure upon them due to prolonged periods of civil war, depleted infrastructure, few or no bible colleges, illiteracy, access to few bible study resources, outbreaks of severe diseases, low percentage of Christians, militant extremists, poorly trained pastors and nationwide heresies within the church.

Core Training and Development seeks to strengthen the Church in these nations through the provision and coordination of Bible training and through presenting further Bible training opportunities to pastors and Christian leaders. Our development wing conducts projects with a view to strengthening communities that the Church finds itself in.

Core Training and Development provides large scale bible training solutions for the church in these nations by coordinating relevant local Bible colleges, local Christian leaders, para-church organisations, local missionaries, local churches and other organisations working within these nations, as well as external organisations that have the ability through their contribution and partnership to provide further training or development solutions in order to strengthen the Church in these nations where it has suffered so much and where it needs to stand strong.

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